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I really need help:( plz?

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  • I really need help:( plz?

    Okay ppl, so I want to buy A 5 pc session sbx kit fairly soon and right now i only have like 850 bucks in my bank right now (THIS IS CDN MONEY TALK) and so I know I wont have enough money but I want to sell my 6 pc export kit (Just the drums for 900) so then ill have 1750 and the session costs 1350 including tax. so what steps should i do 1st because I also want to upgrade my cymbals aswell (I got B8's) and I want to up grade my hi-hat stand to so plz help me out here guys I need A plan!!
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    Get a job and start saving your money.
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      sell your kit so you have enough money to buy the new kit, then replace everything else as soon as u get more money.
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        Put your kit in local listings, or you could even try putting it on ebay. But if I were you I would take my 800 bucks and buy yourself new pro level cymbals (a basic hi hat, ride, and 1 or 2 crashes set up) and then whatever you have left over I would put towards the hi hat stand.

        Then work on getting a job and save all the money you make. It's hard to do, but it's worth it when you finally buy that new kit (trust me, I just bought myself some SBX's recently, amazing drums). Also do as many odd jobs for people as you can to make a little extra on the side. Mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow off driveways in the winter. Walk dogs? I don't know, just do anything you can to make the money for that set.

        Or you could do the reverse. Sell your current kit and buy the sbx's and then get a job to pay for the cymbals, etc.
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          You want to find a good dealer that will give you what you want.
          I was in the same prediciment as well. I traded my export in and was able to get my new session for a really good price. I got a really goood deal because I was able to keep my cymbals and the hardware I wanted from my old kit which he deducted from the price of the SBX. The SBX shell pack I got came with a sensitone snare drum but I already had one so the dealer deducted the snare drum from the price so I saved even more money. The hardware I kept from the SBX shell pack was the hi-hat stand, snare drum stand and tom holders and clamps. Shop around man, lot's of great shops out there that will do great business for you.
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