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24 or 26 bass drums in SMX ???

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  • 24 or 26 bass drums in SMX ???

    Hello guys...recentrly I was planning to buy a Masters kit, but since I've been told that SMX are build with the same Maple wood as Masters, then I've changed my mind....

    now the question is : Can I order a 24" x 18" or 26" x 18" bass drum in SMX ???

    Could It be special orther ???

    And one thing more...I've noticed that in sessions forum there is not a thread for sessions Pics...would anyone mind starting it??? I don't really know how the drums look for real...the colors shown in Pearls site don't tell me much

    Thanks guys

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    There are quite a few topics in here that show you different sessions, colors etc.
    You're right there isn't a session pic thread. I'll start one
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      Pearl will probably make your special order.

      Are you sure you want a 26x18, have you heard it?
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        Yeah you should really hear 26's... + They're really hard to play....
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          Blanno, I have a 24"x18" & that is killer!
          Like you I wanted a 26" (or a 28" if it was possible in a MW) but now that I have a 24" I'm very happy that I didn't go for a 26" or 28" as the 24" is big enough in sound as well as size for my set up! Also keep in mind that you can get a BIG sound out of a 24" with the right skins & tuning.

          As fare as I'm aware, you can not get a Session kick in 26" anyways, you would have to order a Masters OR Masterworks in the Session finish!
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            I actually didn't want to buy a masters kit due to the high price....there is no point for me to buy a masters MRX if the shells are going to be the same wood of a session SMX....I'm looking for great sound...not for much nice looking kit, I'm working in a local studio and I'm not taking that kit to the road at least for one Sessions....

            My little obsession with the 26" kit is because of the sound of Jonh Bonham...I mean his Bass drum could make an old man die from a heart attack...

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              I think you know, but Bonzo used 26x14"
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                i know a few people that use 18x26 and to tell you the truth they sound sooooo good.much better than my 14x26.mine is way too punchy and slappy but the 18 has sooo much balls to it its a realy cool size.Its actualy easier to play than a 14 because it has more give to it and doesnt feel like your kicking a cinder block.only problem is rack tom placement.i use a 6.5x10 on my 26 kit so it works well but anything bigger is going to be hard to mount.

                So thats a review from someone who has actualy played one
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                  Pearl would not do a 26" bass drum in either the session or Masters line unless you endorse them. If you want one that big, it is Masterworks or nothing. They do however make 24" bass drums (16 and 18" depths)
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                    Yes, and if you decide to buy a Masterworks, you have to buy a minimum of 3 drums.
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                      And here is drum and price list.
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                        Yeah, the Masterworks line is the only place you can get a 26" bass drum. The deepest yoou can get it is a 16x26 also. They don't offer an 18" Depth. Sorry!
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