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    Hey everyone, i know this question is reallly annoying but i reely need someones advice Well basically I'd like to get new heads if it makes my drums sound better obviously and I'm stuck I play kind of rock/funk and i am not a hard hitter and also i like my bass drums to have a kind of short thud rather than a ringy boom. Thanks

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    Get an EMAD for the kick and Evans G2 clear over G1 clear for the toms. This head selection will work for several styles of music.


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      Thanks for the reply, I will certainly look into those


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        Check out the head selection portion of the drum tuning bible. I have a link in my Signature.
        Drum Tuning Bible


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          tht is a brilliant website thanks very much!


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            I'd stay away from Evans honestly...

            If you want the Ultimate Heads for your SMX here's what I think

            Kick: Superkick II Batter with Regulator Reso
            Snare: Remo Smooth White Emperor
            Snareside: Evans Hazy 300
            Toms: Coated or Clear Remo Emperors over Ambassador Resos or Ebony Ambassadors if you feel you're that cool...
            Kit on Order: Masters MHX - 20x18 - 8x7 - 10x8 - 12x8 - 16x13

            I've been an air drummer for about all my life, I just recently went pro a few years ago and it's really changed my life around... :rolleyes:

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              now uve left me confused for choice, i dont understand how practically the same price heads can make so much difference, please help!


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                if i was u i would go for a thick evans head, but you may like others
                Originally posted by robby2161
                The real question is.....................Do you use the hi-hat pedal?
                Originally posted by Spaniel Drummer
                SOmetimes, but mostly I hit it with my hands.


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                  Originally posted by crispyloveschad
                  now uve left me confused for choice, i dont understand how practically the same price heads can make so much difference, please help!

                  Most heads are about the same price. Focus on the sound that you want then consult the DTB on which category drumheads will produce that sound. Don't get to wrapped up on brand is better than another.

                  If you are unsure of what sound you want, you may want to go with the most popular choice - Coated single ply heads over clear single ply heads for toms and pre-muffled heads on the bass. Coated single ply head on snare over a medium weight snareside head. From there you can add additional muffling if needed.
                  Drum Tuning Bible


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                    Here you go man,
                    Bass drum - Aquarian Super Kick II and stock reso. A small throw pillow inside the bass drum will add the right amount of muffling.

                    Toms - Evans clear G2`s or EC2`s if you like a little less overtone and the stock resonants.

                    Snare drum - Evans coated Genera snare batter (or Genera dry = less ring).

                    This combination has worked very well for me. I hope this helps.
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                      Bass = Coated EMAD
                      Snare= Dont know cause I dont have a stock SMX snare
                      Toms= Coated Emporer's for batters

                      Ludwig Classic Maple in Green Sparkle
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                      14x12"& 13x9" Rack Toms
                      16x16" & 18x16" Floor Toms
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                        When shopping heads, I did a little research here and there...when it comes down to it, a question like this gets too many answers because it is really personal preference. Know that when it is cruch time and you are laying money out, it is a leap of faith no matter what.

                        I have found some of the most popular heads include:

                        Evans EMAD (I love mine). It has the interchangeable muffling rings so you can choose your amount of muffling.
                        Aquarian Superkick (no experience with this, but people love 'em)

                        Evans G2, very very popular around here. G1 for reso.
                        Aquarian Response 2 (comparable to Evans G2)--these are the ones I just bought, haven't put them on.
                        Remo Emperors (comparable to G2, Response 2)--Ambassadors for reso.
                        Remo Ambassador--a good one-ply head, but too ringy for me.

                        Tom heads with integrated muffling, to avoid tape, moongel, studio rings, etc.:
                        Evans EC2
                        Aquarian Performance 2 or Studio X
                        Remo Pinstripe

                        Not much experience here, but I like my Evans Genera Dry. The dry means less ring apparently.

                        Good luck, let us know what you end up with.
                        Adam P.

                        See photos of my kit here

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                        Aquarian over Remo, GMAD, Evans
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                          hey cheers thats a reel big help! thanks guys, i will let u know soon enough!