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Hitting bass drum different force

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  • Hitting bass drum different force

    I am a beginner with Roadshow RS505C/C707 . I find it hard to hit the bass drum the same force all the time. Is this usual. I find it easier to play without shoes, just socks
    Beginner with Roadshow RS505C/C707

    "It's like a drumstick pointing to the moon..."

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    Drum Fu,

    First of all, thanks for purchasing a Roadshow Series drum kit and WELCOME to the world of drumming! With regard to your question, bass drum technique is the kind of thing that takes time, patience, and a personalized approach.

    You may want to examine HOW you are hitting the bass drum, your foot position on the footboard of the pedal, and the tension of the spring on your pedal. Like any other stroke or hit, your approach to the bass drum should be smooth and done without too much effort. If the spring on your bass drum pedal is at too high tension, it may be difficult for you to play easily. Try loosening your pedal spring a little so that it will snap back easily without any slack.

    Also, are you trying to play with your heel UP or your heel DOWN on the bass drum pedalboard? This could make a dramatic difference in your stroke, as players who play heel UP generally have a louder stroke and DOWN heel players are generally softer players. Take some time to try both methods in your playing to see what is the most controlled, relaxed, and consistent.

    Personally, I play heel UP for more volume and speed, and I try to play wearing shoes that will allow me to slide up and down on the pedalboard easily. There are many who prefer playing barefoot, but bass drumming is as close to DANCING as anything, and you need something that will give you control without TOO much grip, so your feet can slide back and forth for more accuracy and power in your stroke.

    Still, though your bass drum stroke should be consistently powerful when you want it that way for playing grooves, there is a lot to be said for dynamic playing (i.e. playing harder/softer depending on how you accent the stroke in the music you are playing.) Pearl Artist Ray Luzier has a variety of really great bass drum exercises in the "Double Pedal Patterns" video in Pearl's "My First Drum Set" video series. Take a moment to watch this and other videos on bass drum exercises and dynamics on YouTube. There are a number of resources out there that will allow you to refine your technique and play with more confidence.

    Thanks again for writing in, and KEEP PLAYING!!!!