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To those who did R&D on the Reference series

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  • To those who did R&D on the Reference series

    First off I would like to thank all the good folks at Pearl and those artists that put alot of time and effort into this new series through research and development. I have a question for all of you. What head combinations and tuning did you all use to produce your results. I'm not not looking for brands but styles--single ply coated or double ply clear, whichever and also tuning for top and bottom heads--loose, meduim, tight or all of the above in different phases. What criteria was used to test these new shells? This question includes bass, snare and toms. I'm very curious to know. Thank you.

    Just for the record I have already placed an order for a Reference Series set and I look forward to my own research on these drums. I apologize if my questions seem a little wacky but my user name is INSANE65. My cheese melted a long time ago.
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