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    I know this issue is not specific to just Reference drums, but since I'm on this forum, here it is. I bought my Reference Series drum set over 12 years ago along with a D2000BR Throne. I love the drum set as much today as i did when I bought it, but I have an issue with the D2000BR Throne. The threaded shaft diameter is slightly smaller than the ID of the base tube so there is a slight rocking of the seat. Before playing, I always make sure all the clamps are tight. When I'm playing, I forget about the wobble, and when i'm finished, out of habit I tighten all the clamps again. For years I've thought about attaching a disk to the bottom of the threaded shaft. The disk would match the ID of the tube and eliminate the wobble. Of course I've just chosen to live with it, but I think about the fix. Does anyone else have this experience? Any comment from Pearl about this?
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