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New pics of my refs

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  • New pics of my refs

    Hey it's been a while i posted pics of my kit so here it is.
    Me and my band moved to biger practiseplace so i can put it all together now.


    2x24x18 Bassdrum
    12x10 13x11 toms
    16x16 18x16 floortoms
    6/8/10 remo rototoms

    Paiste 2002
    18 19 20 crashes
    24 ride
    15 soundedge hh
    20 novo china

    Paiste 3000
    10 bell
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    Sweet rig !!! Love the cymbals and the setup !!!
    Eric G : Pearl,pAiSTe,Remo,Vic Firth,SKB,Roc n Soc,Roland V-Drums. Masters MCX Chestnut fade.
    22"x18",10"x8",12"x9",16"x16". Ian Paice Snare.sigpic Why not ...


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      Nice looking kit! Thanks for sharing the pics. I like how you used the outside tom holders for the tom mounts - it looks like it would be fun to play.

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      Pearl 10x6.2 Mangini Signature Snare
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        Fantastic setup, killer drums! Such a great set!


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          Pearl Masters MCX Bronze Glass
          8x7 | 10x8 | 12x9 | 14x14 | 16x16 | 20x14G | 22x18

          Originally posted by Mike Foreman
          Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


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            That thing's a beast! Great set up.

            "There’s a strong correlation between this band’s name and the type of people who listen to their MC Escher butt rock. Hopefully it will be 10,000 more days before they release another album."


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              Practical use of tom holders. I like it. Well put together.


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                Emerald Mist ... mmm


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                  Loving the rototoms. I had a 18" Novo back in the day until I foolishly cracked it. I loved that cymbal.
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                    I think Novo is the best china. Easy to play because the bell is otherway and sound is amazing.


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                      Originally posted by Nick_Nevada View Post
                      I think Novo is the best china. Easy to play because the bell is otherway and sound is amazing.
                      I have always loved the design of the Novo China, I think that is the way they should be made!


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                        Very nice kit mate! Congrats! Merry Christmas
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