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Hello from RVP (Devin Townsend Project) and... A New Pearl Drum Cam!

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  • Hello from RVP (Devin Townsend Project) and... A New Pearl Drum Cam!

    Hey guys!

    It's been a while since I've posted on these Forums! I've been a real busy dude, touring and recording with the DTP. But, I'm back to say hello and share some Pearl Drums goodness with you

    Here's a link to my most recent drum cam that I took in Munster, Germany while on tour with the Devin Townsend Project in July this 2015 summer.

    I'm playing my Reference Drum setup here. My main snare is my Pearl Brass Reference Snare, 2nd snare is the 20 ply Reference Wood Snare.... Those two snare drums are my 'go to' snare's every single time! Love that Brass Reference Snare Drum most of all!!!

    The song in this video is called 'Ziltoid Goes Home' from our recent double album Z2. It's a faster tune with some fun double kicks, some cool cymbal grooves and fun fills throughout. It's actually my favourite song off of the entire double album.

    The video was filmed with my Zoom Q8, the best in the business for video recorders when it comes to drum cams (in my opinion of course). Everything you hear is one take and the original sound of the drum kit. 0% trickery here, just raw drumming and sounds

    Hope you guys enjoy it and I hope all you drummers out there are doing well!

    Special thanks to Kevin, Mike, Frank and Peter from Pearl. These guys take such good care of me worldwide. I'm thankful every day to be a part of their team and have them all as a part of my team

    Playing Pearl is an honour and it was a dream of mine to be endorsed with them when I was a kid growing up. Years later, here I am playing them and endorsed by them! I'm truly grateful. Dreams can come true guys, just work hard, believe in yourself and NEVER QUIT!

    Wishing you guys all the best,

    Keep playing' them drums!!!

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    Awsome playing mam, I got tired just watching....

    We share the same haircut....


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      thanks for sharing. great playing and stamina. i agree the zoom gets the job well done for such a small device.
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        Man that is solid playing. You must've practised a hell of a lot.


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          Thanks for the kind words everyone. Love these drums and yes, I practice a lot but more with the band than on my own
          Pearl Reference Series Drums Endorsee

          For my Specs: (Gear Page)
          For my Videos:
          To ask questions:
          My Myspace page :


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            Ryan, great playing. You are a huge influence and DTP is a staple in our household.

            Thanks for sharing!

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              Wicked RVP, killer playing as always! And still on a Ref with a Ref Brass and Sabian, a winning combo!

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              Originally posted by Mike Foreman
              Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


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                Amazing playing as always, I've a HUGE DTP and RVP fan for a long time; keep it up and hopefully you make back to Seattle soon!
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