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    Hi everyone!
    Glad to say that I am officially joining the Reference Family  almost can't believe my own words when thinking and writing this…
    Managed to grab a pretty nice deal, wile other reference kit was taken from me at the last moment. The guy decided not to sell it wile I was already driving to meet him. You can imagine the disappointment… (The kit with the red glass finish I posted here a week ago)
    Anyway, I was pretty lucky to sell couple of days before, my Tama Superstar Hyper drive kit with all hardware included.
    Got this Butifull “Emerald Fade” (I think  ) Reference Kit. In 10, 12, 16, 22X18 set up including Rack, 2 Rack pipe Clamps, 2 PCL100, tom arm Holders, two Boom Cymbal Stands for the Rack and a snare stand.
    I thing I got pretty sweet deal here  off coarse the hardware is not from the 1000 series, but this is Peanuts relatively to what I got all together.
    Also, Full pack of Remo pinstripe batter head and Reso. Powerstroke 3 for the kick. Although I am thinking to replace it with the EMAD.
    There is still final adjustment has to be done, but overall the sound is phenomenal. Especially I have to emphasize the 12” tom which from my experience with other kits always more problematic to tune, relatively to the other drums. But here it is burking like hell!
    Eventually everything turns out on the better side, because in my opinion this finish is much nicer then the “red glass” needless to say Lacquer VS wrap
    Enjoy the Pics, Hope to make some outdoor soon
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      Congrats on the kit. Wise color choice . Love it!!!
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        Congrats, and welcome green one!

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        Originally posted by Mike Foreman
        Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


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          Did you appease the Reference Deity?


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            Originally posted by nik12 View Post
            Did you appease the Reference Deity?
            Probebly not! Thats why i will have to make sacrifice and put one of the toms on the altar


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              Looks like a nice big piece of candy. Congrats!
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                Great kit and I love the color. Congrats!
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                  Beautiful kit! Enjoy it!


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                    Sweet kit man!
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