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Awesome deal on a Ref shell pack

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  • Awesome deal on a Ref shell pack

    I was just poking around on eBay, and I found a 4-piece Ref shell pack for $975 (+ $69 shipping). Check it out!

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    that's a good seller, too.
    Needs a 16" floor tom, though.


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      He's right down the road from me, and a great seller! Someone hook this guy up!
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        you can never go wrong with James.... He's a great guy that offers super deals on some incredible Pearl equipment...snatch it up while you won't be there can always order a drum or two through Massmusic to round out that kit
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          Man...if I only had an extra thousand laying around. That is a pretty sick deal.
          If you have a 14X14 Vision floor tom in Ruby Fade you are selling, please PM me.


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            lol i was just going to make a thread about his deals also :P

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              And its gone.

              $975 will just buy you a pearl forum over here lol, but I dont like the finish nor do I like the sizes, still was a fantastic deal.


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                I definitely agree with y'all who said that James (eBay name "explodie") is good to do business with. I've actually purchased a few Refs from him, and he's never steered me wrong. And you don't need to go to massmusic for extra drums - though I appreciate the info CoyoteG . James sells new Refs as well, and his prices are better than any other seller I've least in this country. I purchase a new 8x7 granite sparkle Ref from him about 2 months and he gave it to me for less than 50% off of list. I couldn't find another seller who could touch that.


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                  lets t ake the obvious guys and if you don't like the colour or the sizes, buy it for this price and sell it a bit higher maybe? Duhhhh.


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                    It would be cool if explodie had a pricelist of all the stuff we could get..
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                      I just bought some items from him via eBay -- I never dealt with him before. Anyway, I had to call him the other day, and I must say that he didn't sound like the nicest guy in the world -- maybe I caught him on a bad day. I knew I was in trouble when he answered the phone with "YEAH?"

                      I can't argue with his prices, and he's a FAST shipper.