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  • They have arrived!!

    Hello All...
    Spoke to you a few months ago after ordering a set of refs. After someone threatened to throw me out a window if I didn't post pics when they arrived, I thought I had better oblige...

    My previous kit was a DW, and I cannot believe how much better the Pearl quality and attention to detail is. I can't fault a single piece of this kit. And the sound??!! They took me 5 mins to tune and sound awesome.


    14x6.5 Snare
    14x11 Tom
    16x16 FT
    16x18 FT
    24x18 BD
    (14x3 copper free floater also)

    Paiste 2002
    14" Heavy Hats
    19" Crash
    20" Power Crash
    20" Novo China
    24" Power Ride
    10" Metal Splash (Alpha)

    I had so many problems with my DW kit, both with the dealer messing up my order and getting the wrong kit delivered, then quality issues and cracked shells etc. I would never touch DW ever again or buy from the shop where I got them from. It was supposed to be my dream kit and was nothing but a nightmare from start to finish.

    This time round everything has been great. The guy where I bought them from was a smashing bloke and he really looked after me. He kept me updated me on the order every month, and when it all arrived everything was spot on. I cant say how pleased I am with this kit - it is everything I wanted in a set of drums and feel a lucky boy to own it.

    I am off to have another play...Hope you enjoy the pics...

    All the best to you all!!!!
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    Pearl Reference - Zildjian - Tama IC's

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    beauty kit man


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      awesome kit (nice BIG drums )


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        Beautiful setup! Cheers
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          awesome. I love it. Those drums will be ridiculously loud
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            big sizes, big sound, excellent kit. I love the finish!

            I'm glad SOMEONE uses a 14 x 11" tom instead of a 13 x 10" rack tom.


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              Nice!! I wish we had a head shot of them.
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                Very nice...and welcome to the Ref. side
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                Toms:8x7,10x8,12x9,13x10 and14x11

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                  Man, PERFECT sizes! I love everything about that kit. Cymbals, drums, sizes, finish, ahH!!! Excellent choices, man. I bet you love it.
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                    Are the heads 2 ply?

                    Not familiar with Remo's sorry :[

                    And by the way:

                    You have my dream setup, how you have your actual kit setup, and your shell specs (tom and bass only, but thought it was funny)

                    The Reference I have coming to me is

                    16x24 Kick
                    11x14 Rack
                    16x18 Floor

                    But omg, what a beautiful kit bro!
                    Originally posted by HHXplorer
                    I believe it has these measurements:
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                    Diameter : John Petrucci

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                    Chuck Norris x John Petrucci = Chuck Norris x Chuck Norris² = Chuck Norris³

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                      How do you like your 18" FT johny2bikes? I've been thinking about adding one to my kit.


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                        beautiful drums man. Great sizes too, I am especially diggin' the 14x11.

                        John Bohnam eat your heart out.
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                          Ah...I love that Purple Craze...Rep! Great buy!
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                            me like big boom! awesome cymbals and everything! love it!


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                              Thanks for all the comments! Really appreciate it...

                              The heads are single ply ambassadors on toms, and a 2 ply emperor on snare.

                              Steven Rose:
                              The 18" FT sounds HUGE!! It doesn't get to flappy either, just sits nicely below the 16". I really cant put into words how good these drums sound.

                              Cant wait to get it out on the road and give it some stick!

                              All the best...


                              Pearl Reference - Zildjian - Tama IC's