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  • Ur opinions r Welcome!!!

    Hey ppl, Well Im doing my research on kits now after I successfully sold an MCX that I had (got $100 more out of what I paid originally) so that was good and soon I'll be selling the wood-fiberglass I own. Well I read a bunch of threats and articles, reviews and so on. The Refs seem like a kick as... set (but I will check yamaha and sonor as well.) But I got to wait sometime (money collected going into investment, help me financially ). In the mean time Im looking around (just reading, I know that I have to go hands on, later on.) But from what I have seen and read. Im looking at a Ref in the near future (w God help).
    So this is the set up so far 10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14, 14x6.5 snare (m... im wondering if the gap between the 12 tom and 14 is much) and the bass drum well thats a dilemma I haven't try a 22x18 before (what about the 22x20???) (woodfiber was a 22x16) and I read good reviews on the 20x18 "more versatile." Well... all mix in respect to the bass drum as u can see. Im looking for a good focus punch, warm sound, (something in my head is telling me 20x18 but I just want ur input) that I can use for rock, pop, indie rock, Jazz, hard rock, etc... (as before mention I will try these guys as time permits). Ohh I just remember well the 20" will have 2 plys less than the 22" so If anyone can give me a little of their experience on how these 2 plys of mahogany have affected the sound of the drum.
    Lastly finishes, havent seen any of these personally, but im a sucker for wood finishes (even though I got caught by some sparkles) , so on my list I got Rootbeer fade, Shimmer of Oz, Natural Maple, emerald fade, Sunrise fade, and red glass. Well a lot to chose from just what I like at first glance in the pearl website.

    Thank you so much for ur input I know long email but research is the way to getting what is right for u, and ur wallet.
    Before I forget I will post the hardware set up I have in mind in the hardware section, make sure u check it out
    Thanks again
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    No one has an opinion????
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      Tom Sizes-as you can see in my sig I like all even sizes and 12" rack to 14" floor works well for me but you do have a 13" option if you like.

      Bass Drum- 22x18 is a cannon,but with a 2ply head you can tone it down .

      Floor Tom-I have a 14x14 with legs,some of us prefer a shallow rack 14".

      Color- The one you like.

      Welcome to the forum.
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        Thanks Dead Head for the reply, Yeah I know I got the option of a 13" but Im not that big of a fan on that size of drum m... but makes me wonder. And thank you for the welcome
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          The distance between the 12 and 14 is not a problem at all, and it is a very poular set-up. Some people even go from 12-16 and not have a problem either.

          A 22x18 bass in the reference specs will be a cannon, a 22x20 will be an even bigger cannon. I'd say you can tone it down but not as versitile as an all maple bass drum could go.

          Finish is up to you but i think you'd get sick of a sparkle quicker than a stain.


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            The 12 to 14 is fine.
            I would probably stick with the 22x18 bass, but if you are playing any jazz, I would even say that you could go to a 20 x18 to make it real versatile. The reference kits IMHO are the best drums money can buy. If you look at Sonor, you are getting what you pay for, which is alot! They are incredible drums, from the 3000 series up. The delight is probably the best bargain, but you are still paying more for these than you would for a Reference.

            I wouldn't really recommend Yamaha at the moment, I haven't really payed attention to there hardware and suspension systems, but when I last played on them, the suspension system was lacking something. My old teacher Ralph Humphrey, who is endorsed by Yamaha, told me they are in the works to make something good that competes, but I don't know whether it has been released yet. Sorry for not being up to date if they have.

            IMO, if you do go with a 13" tom, go 13" tom 16" floor and 24x whatever bass. Bring some Bonham back!!!!

            This is my band, if you would like to listen. I recorded my ref on the recording and I am supremely happy with it. The mix is ok, but could be better. my tom sizes are 12x9 tom (i think LOL)
            14x12 suspended floor
            16x16 floor
            22x18 bass
            14x5 snare.

            Check it out at

            I have a granite sparkle kit, with a purple craze snare. The stage lights make the kit glow!!!


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              As I mentioned in your other thread, I really like your sizes. I personally hate 13" toms myself. I find them to be in between. Too big to sound like a decent tom yet too small so it doesn't have the balls of a floortom.

              And regarding the kick, I'd personally go 22x18. It's the standard size and it's very versatile. A smaller kick will give more punch, definitely, but it will miss out on the low end roar required in some genres of music.

              As for the finish, I really like the Shimmer of Ozz with gold hardware. It's just sick man. I've honestly never really been a fan of sparkle finishes til I saw the Shimmer of Ozz. Here are a few pictures. Good luck with your decision man.
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              Originally posted by EXHUMED
              Good thing you guys are just America's hat.
              Originally posted by space_jeff
              incorrect, America is Canada's arse :D


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                Originally posted by EXHUMED
                Good thing you guys are just America's hat.
                Originally posted by space_jeff
                incorrect, America is Canada's arse :D


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                  In defense of 13:

                  I too never liked the 13" tom. I always had an even numbered kit. When i ordered my ref I included a 13x10 to be my left side tom (see pics through link in sig).

                  It has quickly become one of my favorite toms. The reason is that it is the first size that introduces the African Mohogany. And when played between the 12" all maple and the 14" rack or floor time, it provides a really sweet transition.

                  I liked it so much i just ordered another (13x9) to fit into my descending row of toms.

                  Again, hated 13, love it now. Waiting for my second.

                  Good luck with your decision. The green and gold is insanely cool.
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                    Hey kayaun Thanks so much for the pics yeah that finish is sick , the gold m... but definitely Im not a sparkle guy but that is a cool looking finish, and well Erik the 13" is just not in my mind right now but who knows later on might be an option (future might be a 13x10 or 13x11 who knows ). Again guys thanks for the opinions and I will see how this money grows in order to get this baby to my home in the next couple of months
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                      Originally posted by HybridT@vo
                      No one has an opinion????
                      of course everyone has an's more that everyone has a different liking that's going to make it more difficult to decide on.

                      Each person has a sound that they want- sizes are played with to achieve this sound they have in their mind. Playing with drum sizes is the only way to get the desired result. You might not like my setup or tuning for that matter and vise versa- and believe me, tuning can make or break a drum sound for many. I have heard many a bad tuned or poorly tuned high end kit and was like

                      So do yourself a favor- research the brand as you are doing, play all of them and then decide what is the right sound for you. The RF line os a great sounding set of drums (tuned properly) each time I went out to test the waters I was fortunate enough to have an RF kit available as well...nothing and I mean nothing came close. I have been playing for many, many years and was a loyal follower of the same wood (maple) shells design now when I play I listen for the unique sounds of the blended wood...and what a difference!

                      Good luck!
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                        I really appreciate ur input Byte_me I understand the whole concept I will take my time to listen and research more on what Im looking for. In the mean time thanks for the follow up w ur opinion
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