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22x18 vs 22x20 vs 24x18

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  • 22x18 vs 22x20 vs 24x18

    I'm going to be buying a Reference kit soon, and I am at an absolute loss as to what size kick I should get.

    I currently have a Gretsch Catalina Birch kit, with a 22x18 kick, with a SKII batter, Regulator reso, and an Evans EQ pillow on the bottom inside the kick, with the pillow slightly touching the batter head. The sound I get out of it is immense, it sounds like a cannon, and has so much punch to it.

    With that being said, I don't know if I should get the same size I have right now, or get something a little bigger. I've been kind of leaning towards the 22x20, but it would be so much easier if I could just try all of these in person.

    Any suggestions/ideas?
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    There will be a much more noticable difference between then 22x18 and 24x18, as opposed to 22x18 and 22x20. Especially if your muffling, an extra 2 inches depth beyond 18" won't make a huge difference.

    I have a 24" Ref and it sounds huge. That being said I also have a 22x18, I whilst it is a little quiter, I prefer the punch. I don't get that chest thump with the 24, just the low end. I also find it easier to play the 22, just quicker and more responsive.

    I'd go 22x18, or if you have an extra grand lying about (!) do what I did and play a 22x18 with your right foot, and a 24x18 with your left


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      I'd go with the 22x18. Even though it's the same size as your Gretsch, you have to remember that the Reference will be tremendously different/lower sounding because of the mahogany, thickness, rounded bearing edges, etc.


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        If it were me, i would simply be deciding between the 18x24 and the 20x22. Having owned 18x22's and then 20x22's, ill never use an 18x22 again. The 20" depth of a 22" kick will do everything an 18" depth will do and more. If you need to tone down the huge bottom end the 20" depth gives you, it's easily muffled to sound like an 18" depth. Tuned right, it sounds pretty close to a 24" with a bit less projection and thump. But miced it is really a non issue.

        As for 24" kicks, if you realy need that extra bottom end and punch that only a 24" will give you, then go for it. But your not going to make a 24" kick sound like a 22" and if you like a really low kit and have fairly deep toms, the 24" kick will be annoying.

        So my choice would be the 20x22. More setup flexibility as the added length will play no role in your setup since it will be sticking out farther forward, not up like a 24".
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          Thanks for the help, all.
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