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Playing tha bass drum

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  • Playing tha bass drum

    When U play tha bass drum, do U usually press the pedal all the way into it or just do a quick hit and let off? which i good/bad?which has a better sound;in which technique its better to play when U do a kick/release tech. Does a hole i tha bass drum make any difference?

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    Its personal preference really... but if you let of after the hit, you get more of a kick drum sound ( boomier) then if you rest the beater on the head.
    As far as a hole in the front head, If you don't play live, don't wory about it. I only have the hle in mine because I got tired of hearing sound techs whine about where they are going to put the mic etc.
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      its not as simple as how to mike the bassdrum, putting a hole in the head gives you bass a very different sound-depending on the size of the hole,, the sound can be a little different of a lot. i like my bass very punchy with little resonance and lots of volume, so i have a large hole in the centre of my reso head. some people like a smaller hole, not in the centre of the head. it does make a difference to the sound
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        yeah i know that

        But Ifind the kick punchier( if its tuned right) with no holes in the head then with one. When playing smaller clubs sound techs are pretty much useless to miking a kick with no hole in it. Basically I was getting at the fact if you don't have to put a hole in it, don't do it. but again it boils down to personal preference and i would prefer not to have one in it. Mine is only a 5 inch hole. I had one of the older Pearl kick front heads withthe huge hole in the front, and i found it to be punchy, but from in front of the kit, the kick is punchier with a holeless front head.
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          May mic's and other thoughts

          Internally mounted mics is another way to go. The price is pretty steep but if you just mounted say a D112 inside the bass drum to start with you wouldn't need the hole cut at all. Cost would be under 300 bucks for a used mic on ebay and a new mount.

          I always thought the off center hole was put there out of convenience, so the shorty mic stands can reach the hole. It definately does change the resonant qualities of the drum. But it makes micing alot easier.

          When mic'ing up my bass drum I use 2 mics. One in the hole in front and another pointed at the center of the bass drum batter off a small mic stand under my 14" floor tom. Most gigs I really don't need to mic up at all but it's just another option in my bag given the right size room or an outdoor job.
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