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Tomholder weakens

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  • Tomholder weakens

    I have had this tom holder now for a few years, but has gotten weaker, any normal tom hit will just let it slip more.
    Tried to tighten the bolt, put it a bit loser, nothing helped .
    Is there anyway to fix this? It's 3 brothers, bought at the same moment, experiencing no problems.

    It'st the version released before this one.
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    Didn't this thread already exist?


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      I had that happening to a couple of years ago. It's time to replace it. It will break completly.
      After every hit my tomholder slipped also and at one point it broke (at the inside ) i took it apart and noticed it was just easier to get a new one.
      I contacted Al and he contacted Pearl Europe (i live in Europe) and they sent me a new one (free) .

      Edit : oh and i wouldn't worry about the other tomholders you bought at the same time. It's probably just that one.
      I had bought my 3 at the same time to and just 1 broke. The others are still fine today (after 6 years)
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        Scary guy nailed it. That's exactly what is going on. Same thing happened to me with the older TH98 arms (same design just the older look). Out of five, only one has gone bad over the 10+ years I have had them. Still using them to this day on my export kit. The irony is that the one that failed was holding a 12" tom. The ones holding my 14 & 16 rack toms have never had issues


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          I PM'ed Al. My biggest guess is I need to just buy a new one, something in me is hoping maybe the joint is replaceble or something...
          Pearl Reference Pure - Ivory Pearl