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Stripped Ref Pure snare lug

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  • Stripped Ref Pure snare lug

    I stripped down my 6.5x14 Ref Pure snare yesterday for its first deep clean since new. As I was reassembling it, one of the lug mounting screws stripped out. I was hoping it was the screw, but no such luck, it's the lug. No, it wasn't over tightened, and stripped just after it snugged down. I bought this drum new (along with kit). I know Pearl will fix issues as they have always done with any problem I've ever had. Al, are you able to help me out, or someone else?

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    Drumbum675 - please check your PM message.

    Pearl Corporation USA | Nashville


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      It's frustrating when something breaks but glad to see Pearl is there to take care of business. In all the years I've played drums (30+), I don't ever remember a piece of Pearl hardware failing me; not even a stripped screw. Yamaha and Tama makes good hardware too. The only manufacturer I've really had problems with is Gibraltar. Just about all the hardware I owned back in the late 90's was top-of-the-line Gibraltar. Every bit of it was flawed. Pearl stuff is rock-solid. Your snare will be back on its feet in no time.


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        I've also been playing drums for a little over 30 years. I've got through many brands, but switched to Pearl in 2004 when I ordered my Master's kit. I've had this Reference kit for a few years and love it. It doesn't happen often, but when I've had an issue they are very quick to solve the problem. The biggest was when I ordered a 16 inch floor tom for this Reference kit (Shimmer of Oz) after waiting for 5 months it showed up with a paint job that did not match the other drums. Pearl put me on top of the list and got me a new drum in less than a month. They also let me keep and play the bad drum until the new one arrived. Turns out that over a year later I re-purchased that bad drum out of B-stock and it is now my left side floor tom (not really visible from out front so its ok). At the moment all of my hardware is Pearl except for my hihat stand which is a DW9000. It will be switched out as soon as I can find someone to trade it for a top end Pearl or I can afford a new one.