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GK90? Where do you find them?

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  • GK90? Where do you find them?

    I have a 6 pce BLX kit and the toms are suspended off my rack with RIMS mounts. In doing the research about what to do about the holes in the shells, I keep seeing GK90 covers (?) mentioned. Is this a Pearl part that can be ordered...or something else? I will check out my local music store and see if he can order them in (if it is from Pearl).

    If not, any suggestions on where to find them?

    I am off to check EBAY right now.

    EDIT: NONE of the sellers on EBAY or AMAZON will ship to Canada. And surprise surprise...neither of the Canadian versions of those sites even carry them. Free Trade my azz.....grrrrrrr!
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    Any authorised Pearl dealer can order them.
    The GK-90's have been around for a long time now.
    And they perfectly fit the older toms mount mounting holes, I know as I have them on my 85 DX kit.

    So, order some through your favourite Pearl dealer...
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      We have them in the USA - Retail price is $9.00 USD
      Raymond Massey
      Pearl Drums USA