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Pearl Uni-Lock tom holders.

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  • Pearl Uni-Lock tom holders.

    Sigh... is anybody else having a problem with these?

    Two came with the VSX that I purchased a Year ago, and after about a month one of the tom holders broke. I'm never one to tighten something to the point that it breaks, but curiousity eventually got the best of me and I took it apart (voiding any warranties that might have covered it.) I eventually found out that the outer 'mechanism' snapped off where the screw is tightened/loosened.

    Ended up chalking it up as a loss, and bought a new one. Same model. A couple of days ago my neighbor suggested he could fix it by welding it back together. (I don't know that much about welding) but he did a good job.

    As he's showing me the job he did, he asked to see how it tightens and loosens. So I grab one of the Uni-Lock mounts off my set, and show him how and where it tightens/loosens, and immediately noticed that...right as I go to re-tighten it, that it's broken in the exact same way - in that despite being tightened, it just drops down like it's completely loose.

    So again,curiousity gets the better of me. I take it apart (just a couple minutes ago) and see that nothing is wrong. Everything inside is as it should be,nothing is cracked or broken but for some reason it just won't stay put when it's tightened.
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    Wow. Are these the 900 series? I've never heard of such an issue. I would maybe take it into your pearl dealer where you bought and see what they suggest. Your right on the warranty on the one, but I would return the newer one for sure. Also private message Gene @ Pearl and give him the low down. He's always on top of everything. He will know how to help. Good luck.
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      How the hell did he weld it? isn't that piece made from some alloy?
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        Please check your PM.


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          There was a thread about this before, if you pry the sticker off one side you can tighten the phillips screws underneath.
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