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Masters Snare tube lugs Loose

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  • Masters Snare tube lugs Loose

    Hi All,

    I have a masters snare, see pic, and the tube between the lugs is loose?

    Is it best just to super glue it so it doesn't move? there is quite a lot of movement between the lugs up and down. I have checked the screws on the back of the lugs and they are fine,
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    Take the head off and remove the lug from the shell. Inside the lug where the tube portion meets the base, there should be a little Allen head screw. Just tighten these up and reassemble. Your good to go. I had a similar issue with my Virgil Donati signature. It's just happens over time. Whatever you do, don't use super glue. Hope this helps.
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      I "second" spx118's comments.
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        Nice, and good ideas.

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          Ah fantastic cheers guys!!!