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  • Tru Trac & Roland TD-20

    Being a Roland TD-20 owner, I was excited to see Pearl coming out with an electronic kit. I've always wanted a real kit to sit behind. Once it arrived, it was pretty shocking to hear how bad the sounds were and to learn you couldn't even turn off the effects/ambiance - which I think might have helped. Being used to the control available in the Roland brain, I thought Pearl would, without a doubt, remove them from the competition. Sadly, Pearl's brain wasn't even in the same league. But, looking for the silver lining, I took the EPro snare and one tom home form the store and played them through my TD-20 brain and I thought the snare tracked better with the TD-20 brain than the Roland snare trigger/drum - buzz roll was nothing less than excellent. I got the same results with the tom. The next day I took the ride and one crash home and had no luck at all making the two brands play nice together. I saw something positive nonetheless. LOVING the idea of an actual kit to sit behind (I'm 6'5"/260) I've wanted to make this work, but not at the price of the full EPro kit since the I wouldn't be using your cymbals or brain. Then, Pearl finally made the Tru Trac kit available so I could lessen my cost and still move to drums by outfitting my current DW Kit (no offense - I've owned two Pearl kits in my career and liked them both - BLX in the 90s was a beautiful kit). But, on small stages my 2" extended kick takes away valuable stage space so it would be nice to have the small Pearl EPro kick in it's place. BTW, there are far more people playing smaller stages in this country than there are those playing large stages - ergo - who's your target market? That's Marketing 101. You're sooo close - just develop a worthy brain and it's over. So, now I must decide, do I pay $1000 for the Tru Trac heads and play my big kit and crowd my mates off the stage? Or do I sell my TD-20 kit and kick in an additional $2000 and buy the TD-30KVS. It's $1000 w/ all my current sounds vs. $2000 and w/ improved triggering and newer better sounds. You've given me no choice here. Sorry.

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    I don know if you will ever see this response because I see your post is a few years old but I also have the Tru-track heads on my Export kit and I don't like the RED BOX brain at all. I was considering getting the Rolland TD30 sound module as It seems to be the very best out on the market but I can't find anyone online that has use these two products together to see if the Tru-track heads work well with the TD30. In theory it should because all the Rolland drum heads are dull zone like the Tru-track heads so it should simply work right? For the cymbals I am not using the Pearl plastic cymbals I am using the Zlidjian GEN16's so they have their own brain so I don't need to worry about that, just the kick, snare and toms.

    Maybe you will read this and can share your thoughts


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      A single post 3 years ago... good luck!

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      Originally posted by Mike Foreman
      Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


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        yea, I know , I know......I thought it woudl be worth a shot...