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    Hi Guys

    recently picked up a set of 3 Folkloric Congas (Quinto,Conga,Tumba), because I got them at a steal of a price and have always had a major love for that finish, they will be a nice contrast to my Flashy LP rigs..

    Anyways I'd love to order some of the comfort curve rims from the Elite series for them, as I primarily play club gigs, so the slightly more 'Authentic' sound provided by the traditional rims is not worth the extra wear they will have on my hands.

    I have only been able to find marching and concert percussion parts lists, and it is not even worth me going to Billy Hydes here in Aus, as A) I know they wont know and B) i'll probably order from the states because I dont want to wait a year for them ..

    so if you pearl guys could please tell me if
    1: Are they available?
    2: Will the fit on the Folkloric's? (I assume they have the same number of Tuning rods?)
    3: what are the part codes for the 3 sizes?

    thankyou for your time


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    AJ - the following Bobby Allende series rims will fit your Folkloric series:


    PR110DXBA Bobby Allende will fit the Folkloric Quinto 11"
    PR125DXBA Bobby Allende will fit the Folkloric Tumba 12" 1/2
    PR117DXBA Bobby Allende will fit the Folkloric Sequndo 11" 3/4

    Please order through your favorite authorized Pearl dealer.

    Pearl Corporation USA | Nashville