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  • I.S.S

    I am considering upgrading the the ISS. However, I am interested in knowing if this will mak a difference given the existing hardware mounted will leave the holes drilled at the factory.

    Will there be a benefit with ISS?

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    Yes, they will make a difference in the toms' sound.

    It's the fact that they are suspended by the rim and allowed to vibrate more fully. It has NOTHING to do with the holes in the shell. IF you have Pearls, you can get a G90 gasket/cover kit to go over the holes on the toms for a clearner look. Most also place the ISS (or Optimounts) over the previous mount area to further cover it.

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      I upgraded about 3 months ago and I am very happy with the difference.
      I have an older SRX kit and I would definitely recommend it. The G90 patch looks great.
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        I will argue the case against the forum and EX sounding different. yesterday i played both kits in "rattleanddrum" Derby, myself and the shop owner found NO audible difference between the 2 kits, this guy could have sold me a pair of ISS for my rack toms, but he was very unbiased and helped me save £60 by sticking to the standard forum mounts.

        seems the only difference between a forum and an EX is purely cosmetic. im sure someone will argue, but my ears don't decieve me. sorry !

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