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Effects for the kit: Octobans, Cowbells, Jam Blocks, etc.

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    i've got rotos now, a couple bar chime sets, and a rhythm tech DST tambourine. they are all great!

    i guess you could ask me questions about any of those if you want.

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      What is Gong Bass / Gong Toms for ?
      And what stick to use ?

      If I have one I may have known,...after playing around with it
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        Hey, just a really quick question (Three).

        How would you mount an octobon/quarter tom? Does it have some sort of Suspension Tom Mount like PDP uses? Would I be able to mount it on a rack using a Suspension Tom Mount?

        I'm really looking into these, but I need some information about them first.
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          Here's a pic of my pedal operated cowbell. I mounted the cowbell to the high hat stand.
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            Get into Factory Metal!!

            Killer stuff!



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              thank you for making this thread.. i was very curious about octobans and their history, so my curiosity is indulged