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not music, but amazing nightingale song

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    Originally posted by Thrush View Post
    Your recordings are really good. The reverb on the nightingale is perfect, it makes its song so impactful. The thunderstorm is captured perfectly, and I've used it more than once to fall asleep to (haven't had a good thunderstorm here for years). Likewise the other ones with the mixed birds and crickets are so beautifully presented. Thanks for posting them
    my pleasure, The Hardware Guy

    i'm glad you find these soundscapes helpful

    i also listen to them in winter when there is silence in the woods

    Spivaki records


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      uploaded two more soundscapes recorded in May and June last year

      here are sounds captured on a hot summer day featuring grasshoppers, crickets, wind, and birds including a sparrow who flew into our meadow to make a bit of a fuss

      another May sunset with thrush, nightingale, cuckoo, crickets, wind, and couple of cats walking along the roof near the microphones

      Spivaki records