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Cheap Shure SE-215 Upgrade

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  • Cheap Shure SE-215 Upgrade

    A friend and co-worker at Sam Ash suggested getting different ear bud sleeves for my SE 215's. They are the "Triple Flange Sleeves", and they came yesterday. Noticeable improvement in bass response, and they really stick in your ears. You have to trim the little stem down (I used an X-Acto knife), but otherwise they are a terrific improvement, and cheap...$9.95 plus shipping.

    Available direct from Shure at:
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    Look good Bri, pretty sure my Etymotic in-ears only have the double flange sleeves.

    Might have to get you to put a couple in my "shipment".

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      I stuck my Shure SE215s in some of these:
      They have two flanges, but are available with three.

      You peeps think there is much difference between two and three?


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        Personally I hate these tips. They make everything sound tinny and less bassy to me, offer less isolation and aren't comfortable after a long period of time.

        In Ears are a super personal thing! Glad you've found something that works well for you mate!