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  • wow butnutz I just started studing this subject.I find it very interesting but very confusing at times and takes me a couple of times thru it to understand it, but Im tryin real hard to learn this stuff. I started out by buying the mixing engineers hand book second edition have read the hole thing.Then I found the "Live Sound Reinforcement" the bestseller Edition with the DVD. I'm half way thru it!!! Very good book kinda boring at first!! but it's getting better as I go!!
    The hole reason for all this reading is I bought a Yamaha 166cx mixer.(CX stands for built in effects.)but I'm sure you knew that.I also bought QSC speakers 2-K-12's and 2-K-10's with a single K-sub.
    Everything is self powered. 1,000 watts each. I thought live sound reinforcement would be a good retirement hobby or even a job!!?
    I will most definitly keep an eye on this thread and the one I came from to get here. I think what I can't get from the books I can get here on this thread.
    So thanks for helping some one just starting out in this field,It's something that someone of your caliber just doesn't normally DO.
    I was a welder for 35 years,I sure didn't let the young guys know about the easy way of doing things as opposed to doing it the hard way!! So I'm very gratefull that you will share that knowlege with us.
    thank you.
    mark w.
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