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Midi out of Mimic Pro into TD-20 (hi hat issue)

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  • Midi out of Mimic Pro into TD-20 (hi hat issue)

    Hi all,

    I am a new Mimic Pro owner and am very happy with it. It has largely replaced my TD-20 (playing Hart Pro pads and Roland cymbals). My question involves controlling the TD-20 from the Mimic Pro. I can't get the VH-11 hi hats to work properly when I midi out from the Mimic to the TD-20. Specifically, the open to closed transitions (cc#4 I believe?).

    I have tried both changing the Mimic default hi hat note outputs to match the TD-20 as well as changing the midi note inputs on the TD-20 to match the default Mimic note output. Both of these give me open/closed sounds but the hats do not transition properly. It is as if the TD-20 is not recognizing the hi hat cc of the Mimic.

    Research on this forum seems to indicate that cc data is not sent on midi channel 10 from the Mimic Pro. Ok, but I can't seem to find a setting in the TD-20 to accommodate that issue.

    I can't imagine the Mimic Pro can't be used to control the TD-20 hi hats...and although I pretty much prefer all of the sounds in the Mimic to the TD-20 I would like to solve this puzzle if possible.


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    OK, so looks like there is no way to properly send midi info from the mimic to the TD-20. Recording midi into my DAW works fine, and playing the track back into the TD-20 works fine.

    In reading another thread on the topic, it confirms that since the mimic is sending cc4 on channel 1 and notes on channel 10 (and I can only select either one of those as receive channels in the TD-20) I'm out of luck.