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Mimic: HiHat - Different sounds for bow and edge?

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  • Mimic: HiHat - Different sounds for bow and edge?

    Hi all,

    I'm I the only one facing the following issue?

    I got new field cymbals, including HiHat. First I thougt the HiHat had a triggering issue, because the sound of bow and edge is identical. Then I simply plugged the HiHat top to an Aux and used it as Crash, which proved, that the edge trigger works perfectly fine.
    Just when configured as a HiHat, the edge trigger seems to not be used at all.

    I've also tested the other way round, by assigning the HiHat instrument to an Roland BT-1 bar trigger.
    When choosing the HiHat sound for bow and edge, they are both identical.

    Did anybody manage to have two different sounds for HiHat bow and edge - with whatever HiHat Pad (I think the later is irrelevant).


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    Hi everybody,

    it's been quite a while and nobody else seemed to have faced the same issue.

    Just in case someone does in future, I'd like to share my findings and solution for the same.

    As described in the original post I was able to exclude the Field HiHat to have an triggering issue, simply by connecting it as a crash, were I could see both trigger zones give the expected velocity.

    The BT-1 test did actually not make any sence, since it is a single zone trigger pad anyways. :-)

    Just wanted to let everybody know, that finally it turned out, that the used TRS cable was the issue for the initial flaw and was simply fixed by using another trigger cable - just like described here:

    After using another TRS cable the Field HiHat with Pearl Mimic Pro setup did work like a charm.

    Kind regards,