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Mimic Pro with a DITI

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  • Mimic Pro with a DITI

    Anybody using a Mimic Pro with a DITI? How well does it work? A DrumKat or TrapKAt would be another way to do it. Alternatively, anybody using a MIDI controller to play the Mimic as a sound source? This would be similar to a how a DITI works.

    I know people are recording MIDI from their Mimic and then playing it back from the DAW through the Mimic. What I'm trying to understand is how well the Mimic responses to GM MIDI files that were recorded or programed using other devices. So the only connection to the Mimic would be a MIDI cable to the MIDI In jack receiving GM MIDI Channel 10 data. How well does it work (velocity switching between multi-samples, stacked notes, etc. ) compared to being played with pads?