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Masterworks Artisan Veneers - Real Woods?

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  • Masterworks Artisan Veneers - Real Woods?

    Hello everyone!
    As you can read by my question, I want to know whether the Masterworks Artisan veneers are actual woods or just painted/sprayed on.

    I have seen here that the Artisan II Masters finishes are seemingly fake:
    "Artisan II Lacquer is Pearl’s proprietary process that simulates the look of real wood veneer without endangering rare and precious forests."!!!

    So does anyone know if that is the case with Masterworks as well?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Actually, if anyone is curious as well, I have found the answer:

    Its from a 1999 Pearl Masterworks catalogue.
    Seems like Pearl went much more into the detail than they do now.
    So if nothing changed since, it should all remain true.

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is the full link if you are curious:


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      So I hope this helps some others around here, and good luck with designing your own Masterworks kit!


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        Yes I remember they had the digital created finishes a long time ago that were ONLY for specific Masters and Vision models.. and they printed that information in their catalog for those specific models.... but MW has never used that afaik.

        I believe Al Percival and also Tom Storch are here in the forums with alot of info on Masterworks.


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          From what I remember, Masterworks veneers are real. There are also veneers called "artisan II" or something, and those are fake veneers which are photos of wood, which is then printed onto a wrap. Just to add a bit more confusion, you can also put artisan II wraps on a masterworks lol. I could be wrong but thats what i think it is.


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            Yeah, artisan finishes are real. I have a masterworks on order with a bubinga veneer custom finish and the ply layout of the drum has to include 2 outer plies of veneer for it to work.
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              Thank you guys, that helped me out.

              I know the drill, I should probably just ask Al Percival or Tom Storch right away with all my questions...
              Somehow I haven't gotten any email notifications on this thread, so I am only reading it now...
              And yes, I have also seen on the order form that artisan veneers require an additional layer of maple.

              So one thing less to worry about, because to me it would feel weird not having the actual wood on the outside of a drum.
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