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Yamaha Oak Custom??

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    I own a set of Oak Customs....

    And I like them alot. It was between Oak Customs and BRX's as my practice set and I tried Oak customs and liked them much better, they seemed more articulate and projected better i think. They come tuned really high and i didnt really like that, and I think single ply clear heads dont bring out the sound very well. They speak best at a lower tuning they get really fat and round sounding. The bass is PERFECT, I swear this thing is a dream. Im using coated G2's on them now but plan on switching to Double Thins next time i change heads.
    About YESS. Im not a moron, and I see where people who dont have a set of Yammies would think this is a problem but this system allows the shell to resonate best in My experience, and you dont have to worry at ALL about it breaking, I promise you that. honestly, Im considering having YESS installed on my ork Pies. Hope this helped some.
    PS If you have any questions feel free to email me at
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      well, although the YESS system does affect resonance... it's hardly enough to notice, and it's still a decent system, surprisingly durable. Also, yamaha drums still sound really nice, so appareantly they're doing a few things right.

      (even though they're not my preference)
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        i have old yammies

        Turbo Tour series... they were $hitty sounding when i bought them but i got the toms cut into "fast" sizes and they sound excellent in the studio.
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          i like the oak customs

          tried them out at my local music store and they sound excellent. I agree that the YESS system looks flimsy but they've been using it for many years now and they would've had problems with it "breaking" off, then I think they would've changed their system by now.
          I like the YESS system.
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            YESS mounts

            Man, did I open a can of worms!!!!
            Again, Yamaha makes great sounding drums. (I've owned 2 kits, I would still own my Maple Cust Abs if it weren't for the Yess mounts). I seriously doubt the Yess mounts would actually break, but from my experience, they REALLY do choke the toms.
            I don't know maybe i got a bad kit????
            But, if you folks out there are having good experiences w/ them,GREAT!!!!!! I just wish they worked out for me!


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              shoulda kept ur cust. abs. and put ISS on them lol cheap fix lol. And just think, the ISS mounts would've covered the holes for the YESS mounts( i think) lol
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                cheap fix

                glad to bring laughter to your life!
                I was actually able to trade my maple cust abs at a guitar center for my BRX's and not lose any money lol.
                plus, i have my dw's to fall back on.
                overall, I'm very happy w/ both.


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                  I played on these, not a lot but a bit. These are a very nice set of drums and if I wasn't a broke 16 year old I would go out and purchase a set. They have an absolutely stunning look, and they have the sound that I've been looking for ever since I got into drums (granted that wasn't until about 4 years ago). I do love the drums and and seriously considering these as my set at the end of the summer. As for the YESS, I agree, it's not the best system in the world, but if you listen to them, they still sound wonderful. If I were to purchase these I would replace the YESS with Optimounts or some other suspension system (maybe I keep my I.S.S.). But, once again, it's what you want. Listen to 'em all.

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