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  • Simple question for you guys

    OK, I'm having a bit of a discussion whether or not you can buy single drums from MW without having to order a complete kit or having a MW kit, with the snare drum being the exception.

    Would it be possible to buy a 18x24 bassdrum from MW without buying anything else and without owning a MW kit?
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    I'm about 90% sure that, beside snare drums, you CAN'T buy individual drums without already owning a set...
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      Kermit.. try calling a Pearl Dealer.. get a quote..
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        Masterworks is a custom line, so if all you want is one drum, then all you need to buy is one drum. It is all al a carte', so that is cool. The sizes are all listed, as well as the newly updated price list, on pearl's home page under the "Masterworks" section.
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          Actually, I've heard Carl say over and over that you CAN'T buy just one drum, unless it is a snare drum, or unless you already own a kit.