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  • Wich one???

    OK, so i have an export and its ok but u know, i gotta move up.
    I've wanted a masters for so long but the money is alot. Worth it, but alot. So maybe a srx will do, my question is the difference between a masters brx or any masters compared to an srx, i mean i know theirs alot of differences between both, finishes, and everything. But what are the main main differences, is it worth to save up even more and buy a masters or its not that much of a difference and save some bucks to buy an srx. I think if its only finishes and looks that higher the price i guess i'll just stick to the srx. What i want is a sturdy drumset that sounds good.
    Hope to get someones reply cause its so hard to choose

    oh also, the set i wanna get has to have 2 bass drums, i dont like double pedals, because of different reasons.

    Thank you everyone

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    I've had my Export for 6 years and I just special-ordered an MRX kit today. Why didn't I pick SRX? First is that I wanted a kit that I wouldn't want to upgrade 3 years from now. I saw no need to buy a middle-of-the-road kit - just go straight for the top. Since I was going to be paying well over 2 grand to get an SRX with all the hardware, pedals, and stuff, I might as well step up to 3 grand for a complete Masters kit. I graduate from college in 3 months, so I know I'll have a fulltime job to pay it off - you may not be in that situation. Plus your double bass kit is going to add to the cost big-time.

    I also picked the MRX because I liked the die cast hoops, rubber lug gaskets, and the stainless steel tension rods as well as a 10-lug bass and snare vs 8 on the Session. I haven't seen the 2003 SRX with the new UV-finishing but the the Masters finishes also look significantly better. If I was going to make a jump from a $700 kit to a multi-thousand dollar kit, I couldn't justiffy buying a kit that didn't have the "extra" professional touches like the Masters series.

    Hope this isn't too weird of a comparison, but it was like choosing either to buy an expensive Toyota with every option or stepping up just a little to buy a Lexus.
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      well if you buy and SRX im sure you'll be just as happy with that as you would be a masters series. that masters offers a 6ply maple drum which is exactly what the srx is, and the srx is 1000 dollars cheaper. both are high quality, professional level kits so either one you go for will be a good buy. and really the only difference you'll see is that the masters series drums have different types of hardware on the drums (i.e. the lugs, and the hoops) but since both can be 6 ply maple they'll probably sound pretty similar.
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        do a search on this topic. there are a bunch of threads dedicated to a part for part comparison between masters and srx. a couple of them are from the pearl guys directly. it's the most comprehensive list there is on the subject...