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    i´m getting all confused about all the models out there, mrx, brx, ex, srx etc etc.. does anyone know a complete list of all pearl drums.. what the shells are made of, when they came out etc etc
    Pearl ELX in cobalt fade 22,10,12,14 14"snare, Paiste cymbals, iron cobra Pearl kit w mesh skins, Roland TD6, Ddrum triggers, Roland CY8 x2 and CY15r, ROland vh11

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    I don't know what they are all made out of but heres the list.

    Forum - The entry/beginner's kit

    EX - Export Series - The intermediate level

    ELX - Export Select - The same thing as the EX except it is done in a lacquer finish...well, I think it's the same.

    I am confused on the Session series but I think it is only the SRX which is a higher end kit for the better drummer.

    Then there is the Master Series drums- which are like the drums for the professional. And they make them in four different series:
    BRX- 6 ply Birch
    MMX- 4 ply Maple
    MRX- 6 ply maple
    MHX- 4 ply mahoghany

    Then there is the top of the line - Masterworks - those are all custom done kits...

    Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong...



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      You are correct craig.......the SRX is an all maple kit known for its great quality at an affordable price. It's 6-ply Maple (I think just a grade down from the Masters, but nonetheless, maple), but just doesn't have the hardware upgrades of the Masters. SRX owners on this forum love the sound of the 6-ply maple and SRX colors are killer.......again great quality for a very good price.
      MMX Midnight Fade - 5.5x14, 7x8, 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 16x16, 18x16, 18x22, 3.5x14 Free Floating Maple Piccolo Snare, 6, 8 & 10 Roto Toms


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        In the US, MRX is now special order only.

        It has been replaced by the MSX RetroSpec. Please see this thread for more MSX info.


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          i love thje retro colors i wondering if they will ever have the option on mmx the retro look with thte retro sound that would be great