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  • I need HELP!

    Hello to everyone out there. I have been in the drum shopping mode for some time now, and it is getting down to the wire as to what I will end up with. I would just love a refresher course from any willing participants with regards to a comparison of BRX/MMX.

    I am playing in mostly lower volume situations, so being able to control volume levels is important. I read and understand the basic characteristics of the different woods and how they relate to sound, but Id just love some input from experienced drummer types. I had evaluated a DW kit for some time, and it has now come down to either the DW or an MMX. I could still entertain a BRX however, should it fit my application better. Pearl has a much better price policy that DW. Ok.. enough rambling!

    Also, I really want to thank all of you who post here and also Pearl for this forum. It has been of great help so far!!


    PS... Can you sense the confusion?? It is a sizeable investment, and I would like to eliminate as many mistakes as possible
    Because It happens......

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    for lower volumes the MMX is a beautiful kit. very warm and classy sounding. great drums. the BRX, in MY opinion is more of a rock type option where you would want a muted sound yet a really LOUD sound. the brx 's have a lot of projection. the MMX's are more like the Dw's, really warm and buttery sounding with good blend of attack and depth. but try to play both and see.


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      Thanks! I am leaning in the direction of the mmx.... hope to see some of the new color choices soon
      Because It happens......