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Vintage sound???

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  • Vintage sound???

    What heads should i use on my vintage (slingerland) drumset to get that booming vintage sound???

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    Coated will sound great...try Emperors.
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      What about Renaisance by Remo. I think they work well as bass drum reso heads, not that I use a reso head anymore. Dont know how they sound on toms, snare.
      Jason :p



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        I recently sold my 1971 Slingerlands - I found that coated Ambassadors on the batter and clear Ambassadors on the resonsant sides worked great for the toms. On the bass drum I used a coated Emperor with a Evans beater patch and a Slingerland logo front on the bass drum. They are getting to be rare, so buy as many as you can and hoard them. Snare drum - I used a Emperor coated snare batter and Ambassador clear snare side head.

        I wish I never parted with that set.


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          It's a 1966 black pearl slingerland set.
          awsome finish....

          i have smooth white emperor heads available, would they do good too?
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          My Truth Custom Drums Drum Kit: pages 1 & 5


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            I asked Roy Burns at Aquarian to make a it is!

            A number of our endorsers use our Vintage heads to get that round, full sound. Use the American Vintage heads if the drums are slightly oversized or if you have trouble getting heads to fit. Otherwise, try the Modern Vintage heads. Joe Porcaro, Joe LaBarbera and Ed Shaughnessy have had good results with these heads. Visit our website at for more information.
            Roy Burns
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