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14x11 MMX Diamond burst Tom addition.

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  • 14x11 MMX Diamond burst Tom addition.

    I helped my brother find 2 separate MMX Diamond Burst kits recently. One was from Richie Rich in Atlanta,22x18,16x16,14x11&12x9

    The other is 22x18,14x12 w/added legs,12x9 &10x8 from a guy named Jack in eastern Ohio who is a big Pearl drum fan. The Snare I bought from Matt a few years ago and though it’s a great snare I didn’t use it much so I gave it to my brother to start his journey. He said he will keep the extra 12 but gave me the 14x11

    First pic is my new to me 14x11 then the not quite complete set up including Mapex armory stands & Paiste Color sound cymbals.

    My brother kept bugging me about selling him my MMP so I figured this would stop that. Both kits are in excellent condition.My brother is not sleeping & the Crush reso head doesn’t bother him but I told him I would take it off eventually.
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    Hey Paul,

    That was really awesome of you to help your brother find a couple of fantastic Diamond Burst Masters MMX kits to combine into one!

    It sounds like a good trade. The snare that you're not using, for a 14"X11" tom to add to your kit. I'm sure that these new MMX additions will keep your brother both happy and busy for awhile.

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      Actually That is Paul's Brother Dave in the picture and he must be thinking "Himm I wonder if i can afford to buy all the Diamond burst MMX till I have an Alex Van Halen 4 bass drum set" . for the Record I am happy to have met both Paul and his brother Dave both love pearl Drums and any drums really. Paul and I hit it off Pre covid his brother should be welcomed to play and really wants to learn to play a little like big brother but do his own thing. Paul plays and is a singing drummer who plays with a lot of heart . I hope we get to see more of Dave progressing as a player and he enjoys the opportunity to grow as a drummer.
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