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Pearl MMX floor tom

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  • Pearl MMX floor tom

    I’m looking for a 90’s MMX 16x16 floor tom.
    Not too worried which “mist” colour it is as long as it’s in decent condition for its age.
    I know they don’t come around often but any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Those are tough to come by in the exact series and any one finish

    Couple things you could do.. If your kit is not in perfect condition.. and you are not too picky.. Something like this.. is a different series but looks very similar.. the 16 diameter you won't notice a huge difference in sound IMO... and I would offer $50 Firm.. this thing is beat up.. not worth more than that.. and he wants ridiculous $90 shipping.. greyhound will ship it for like $25

    Or you could buy this newer series below link.. brand new.. and remove the hardware.. carefully tape up the edges.. and take it to a few automotive paint places to see how much they would charge to put a few clearcoats on it.. I have done this many times.
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