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Converting from Mounted to Floor Toms

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    Originally posted by KirkMLX View Post
    Late to the party, but tackling this project now on my BRX 14x11 tom.

    QUESTION - What size drill bit for the LB200 bracket? Thanks!
    LB-200 or LB-40?

    The "square badge" Masters kits including the BRX (and my BSX) kits came with LB-40 brackets. The LB-200 brackets come stock on Masterworks and Reference kits. Nothing wrong if you want to put LB-200's on your BRX 14x11 though, I just want to make sure you get the right style brackets if you're putting it on legs to match say a 16x16 that came on legs with LB-40 brackets, but after looking through your threads you don't appear to have a 16x16.

    I also see your BRX also has black hardware so I understand why you may want to do LG-200's since they're probably easier to find in black than black LG-40's. Hahaha, but anyways gorgeous Midnight Fade kit!

    Anyways to answer your question, I took my Reference floor tom that has LG-200's and popped one out and the bracket hole seems to be right at 5/16". I just passed a few drill bits I have through the hole and the 5/16" bit goes in but you can feel it get snug so I'd wager on that being the ticket. I'd follow Cheez_Whiz's recommendations above as well starting out with a small pilot hole and then working your way up to the final size of 5/16".

    I drilled my 14x11 and 16x13 BSX toms into floor toms about 11 or 12 years ago as well so I'm all too familiar with how nerve racking of an experience it can be. Good luck, Kirk!

    Here's a shot of mine after I drilled them...

    And here's an ancient shot of the whole kit before they were drilled and still on TH-1000's...

    22x18 (2) | 10x7 | 12x8 | 16x16 | 18x16

    22x18 (2) | 10x8 | 12x9 | 14x11 | 16x13

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    yeah, but I'm the Jeff that Jeff talks about when he talks about "the Jeff" to other Jeffs.