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  • uh... mmx?

    i heard an mmx set live for the first time at a show i played at last night. the headlining bands drummer had one, and i have to say i was not impressed at all.... my yamaha stage customs blew the mmx out of the water.... i was sad, honestly i thought masters were supposed to be like gods gift to drums?? maybe it was just that i couldnt hear them enough though, he had the mics like 8 inches away from each drum, and the bass drum mic barely even near the hole. and he had one of those gross pingy ska snares (not a ska band tho)... but honestly is there a huge difference in sound quality between maple and lower line shells...?

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    maybe he has no tuning ability? (like me!)
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      i mean they just seemed ordinary, you coulda told me they were exports, i wouldnt have known the difference... they just had no fire... mostly this was probably because he wasnt paying attention to the way his mics were like 7-8 inches away from his drums.... ( i had mine earlier that night about a half inch away from the heads, unngghhhh what an amazing sound)


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        thin-shelled drums have to be miked properly to sound good in larger rooms and in some places, they sound flat-out terrible unmiked (I've heard unmiked DW's that sounded like garbage from across the room). The MMX are really beautiful-sounding drums and I'm almost 100% sure it was improper miking. Bad tuning is another possibility.

        That being said, Exports are killer drums for the price-they really hold thier own against high-dollar kits. I've been using mine for a long time and will continue to use them for gigs for the next 6 months until my MRX kit comes in. The one night I heard those nasty DW's, my band came on next and I blew that kid's $3000 kit away with my exports and well-tuned Evans G2's.

        Oh yeah, and I hate drummers in metal/harcore bands that use piccolo snares with no body. You have a massive wall of guitar sound and a wussy little "ping" coming from behind the kit. High pitch is good, but get something that has some "***" to it (for lack of a better word) too!
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          hmm... I had the same story once. I just realized that she same drums can sound different while played correctly - You know like with race cars - the same engine, gear - why one win and second loose ? driving style ? The same thing with tunning heads and stuff... Don't judge drums but drummer or guy who put mic 8 inches from the head...
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            I cant honestly cant stand the 311 stylish snare sound....its like, lets have the Lars Bass Drum but then theres that PAAA TIINNGGG!!!!! Like they took a hydrualic/nuclear powered 2000 ton power drill and tightened the tuning rods down until they almost break! Sometimes all I hear is, why dont you buy a piccolo snare? Maaaayyybbeee for off to the side, like a secondary snare but these harder or supposed harder bands with those baby snare drums....who you tryin to kid? Not to offend anyone that owns one or uses one as a primary snare, but, for me and my house, we will stick to at least a 5x14.
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