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New Brx!! I'm So Excited!!

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  • New Brx!! I'm So Excited!!

    Well, I'm happy to say that I'm going to become a member of the Masters family soon. I just won an eBay auction for a Sheer Blue BRX.

    10 x 9
    12 x 10
    14 x 11
    16 x 13
    22 x 18

    All for the RICHEOUS price of 800 bucks with 115 shipping. I'm so excited I could pee my pants. I'm selling my ELX tomorrow at guitar center. Here are the photos I have now. I'll have more when the seller e-mails em to me.
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    Logan thats really really nice hope you will have fun with that......


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      I saw this kit on eBay, you got a good one bro! CHEERS!!! Sheer blue is a rare and gorgeous color.
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        Awesome, dude. I saw that one too. Pretty sweet finish!
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          Some more photos. Not the way I'm going to set it up. I'll be using the 12 inch tom.
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            i saw that kit advertised. i LOVE my brx, too, and ebay, and ups of course.

            thats really a hell of a deal, its a masters pretty muc at the price of an export. the white reso head looks soooo good with the blue too

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              Hey man welcome to the Masters and BRX family. Sheer Blue is one beautiful finish. Congratulations on your new kit, have fun and I hope that you didn`t pee your pants!
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                Nice looking kit and you'll love those rack tom sizes. I have those same ones on my kit but my floor tom is 16X16" and kick drum is 20X20". I think the white reso head looks great with that kit really brings out the color.
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                  I saw that one too...I was going to get it, but I didn't have the money at the time...
                  Hope you like it!
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                    Great kit for a great price.
                    Love everybody.


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                      I will be the first to shout the praises of ebay (as a lot of my gear came from them) and you got a really great price there (trust me on this one). And that finish is really really nice! I don't like blues much except marine blue fade....and now! Beeeeeeaauutiful.
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                        Yeah, if you really look around on eBay, you can really find some good deals.
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                          Wow Sweet Kit!!
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                            NICE kit, welcome to the Masters BRX club. You can't go wrong with a BRX kit. That Sheer blue looks great, and what a DEAL you got. Ebay is a nice way to pick up drum gear, ENJOY ! ! ! !


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                              sweet kit man, is that a scratch on the last pic, or a reflection?
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