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why no tracking #?

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  • why no tracking #?

    My new BRX should be here any day now, I purchased through't get me wrong, the dealer has been great to me so far, but why don't we get a tracking number for the UPS packages? always lets me track my packages. Why doesn't Pearl?


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    Its not pearl, Im sure if you ask massmusic for one, they could provide it.
    All UPS packages have tracking numbers, however, the UPS website cannot always find the package, and not all dealers always provide one.
    UPS is reliable, so it will get there.
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      How Long?


      I was just wondering how long you have been waiting for your drums to arrive. I ordered a MMX back in November and i'm still waiting. I find the days long as you can imagine. If you have an answer for me, as to how long you waited, i would like to hear it. Thanks



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        I ordered my kit back at the beginning of september. It was a custom order, piano black with black hardware. 5 months isn't that bad for a custom order, I've heard lots of people on this forum say that they've waited 6 months for a custom job.


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          If it is being shipped by a dealer they will give you a number but yes, you can't get the tracking numbers if they are dropped shipped from Pearl.


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            Please give me time to see what and how your kit shipped.
            My email is if you can email a phone number to reach you would be great.
            Mike Sparacino
            Pearl Corp.


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              New Set

              Hi mikedrum,

              My name is Drew Wiseman. I am the Director of Operations for Pearl, and I was asked to reply to your message. First, let me say thanks for choosing Pearl! We are hard at work to implement new tools and technologies to help with things such as order tracking, etc. We aren't there yet, but we are in the development stages. In the meantime, I can help you locate and track your order. First, I will need some info from you. Can you provide you full name, date ordered, etc? Your threads below seem to indicate BRX, piano black, ordered in September - is this correct? I will be glad to give you a status update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. I know how anxious you are to receive your new set.



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                I got an email from on Jan 23, they told me then that my order was in and that it would be delivered within 5-10 days. However, today I got a call from someone at the Nashville Pearl HQ, they said that my kit is still waiting to be shipped. I'm supposed to call Pearl back on Wednesday to get more info on the status of my order...

                No biggie though, it seems like there was just a slight communications mishap between Pearl and I'm confident that I will be playing my new kit soon enough.

                By the way, I should have noted before that the kit was ordered under my Dad's name, Ronny Land. I had completely forgot about that until today.

                Thanks for the help everybody!


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                  Re: Tracking

                  Originally posted by Mike Sparacino
                  Please give me time to see what and how your kit shipped.
                  My email is if you can email a phone number to reach you would be great.
                  Mike, I'll just add my $0.02 and say Marylon Stewart is nothing short of an...... Angel!!!!!!! She was a mega-help to me. If you looked up the words "excellence in customer service" in a dictionary, there should be a picture of her next to it! Thanx Marylon!!!

                  (if you happen to read these posts)

                  Pearl Corporation USA | Nashville


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                    Well good work again Pearl. Maybe Music123 just couldn't be bothered to get an update for me when I asked!!


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                      Tracking Numbers

                      Hi Mike,

                      Your kit shipped yesterday. Sorry for the delay. You should receive it in a couple of days. I've listed your tracking numbers below, which you can trace at

                      Thanks, and enjoy!

                      Drew Wiseman



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                        Thanks again, everybody! I've never had such great customer service before. If only all large corporations where like Pearl...