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MalletStation, Pads different different volume

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  • MalletStation, Pads different different volume

    I bought a Pearl malletStation EM1 a year ago. Not much played on it, but should now come increasingly in use. I have a problem now:
    the pads are all different loud. That was not so until half a year ago. How do I fix this? Surely there is a simple trick for it. Setting each pad individually in the sofwareeditor is a very complex possibility, but I would prefer a simple method. I think it can be a user error.
    I have done so far:
    - made a reset from the softwareeditor.
    - Firmware re-installed.
    - Tested with different software (Cubase Elements, Presonus)
    - Cable and USB ports changed
    - Computer changed
    - No, I never had anything lying on the pads when switching on
    Is there someone who can help me?
    Best regards, Uli