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    I like the Ralph Hardmin's Indoor drumsticks. That is actually what we are using for are show stick this year.

    Nice and light. It's a shame they decided on a stick before I could even mention Jeff Queen solo sticks. My favorite marching sticks ever.
    I love when my cymbals talk dirty to me.
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      Originally posted by JeffreyKicks.
      One time I had a brand new pair of of innovative macintosh's at practice, three pings later, the stick snapped completely in half. Like I literally hit three shots and they snapped. i was soo pissed.
      i've always had a problem with innovatives. They fell terrible and the brake really easily. Vic firths never did that to me.
      That was a pretty memorable moment.

      "Jeff.... If you keep this up you're gonna have to buy your own sticks"

      "if I buy my own sticks I'm getting Vic's!"

      haha. I'm not digging these McIntosh's, though.


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        last year we used Thom Hannum Indoors. they're nice, but i prefer the Hardimon or Aungst Indoor sticks. and Jeff Queen. those are awesome.


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          I'm in love with the Thom Hannum outdoor, but my instructor won't let us use them because he says they're too short...
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          next time send her a picture of Satan burning a child.


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            I love my Fairbanks sig. stick. Has a great somewhat top-heavy feel.
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