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  • Carbostick???

    Does anybody use the carbostick??
    If so..........
    Does it last any longer than any other stick?
    Does it feel like a regular stick?
    **** that ****, deez nuts in your mouth *****.

    that is all....

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    I use them and they feel very close to a real stick, they maybe a bit firmer but much better than Ahead. They last longer than wood sticks but more importantly they keep there strength ALOT longer. Whereas wood sticks dent and chip easy, these sticks hold together well up until they break.

    The tip kinda sounds half way between wood and nylon on rides. Their real easy to match as well.

    Well worth the money in my opinion.

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      They sound pretty cool, cheers for the info dude, i think i'll try em
      **** that ****, deez nuts in your mouth *****.

      that is all....


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        Yeah, i agree with hutch,

        only problem is they leave black marks sometimes on the heads and since I'm trying to sell my kit to beginners they think a head with stick marks is a worn head so I'm trying to keep them looking nice.

        They are worth teh money, i pay a little less than twice the price of normal sticks but they last MUCH longer than twice as long so they are well worth it.

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