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where did the single braced stands go? (and a couple other things)

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  • where did the single braced stands go? (and a couple other things)

    Why did Pearl discontinue the 855 line of single braced cymbal stands?
    I thought those stands were the perfect balance of sturdiness yet still fairly lightweight. I play about three gigs per week on average with a couple different jazz groups and as a result I'm always looking for ways to cut down on the amount of weight that I'm lugging around. So, when I found out that they discontinued the singled braced stands I was very disappointed.

    On another note, I posted this in the masterworks section but it seems appropriate here as well. Perhaps more so. My predicament is this: I only use one rack tom which I like to mount on the bass drum for the aforementioned reason of cutting down on hardwabe. It seems to me that using the single tom bracket (BT-3) instead of the regular BB-3 bracket on the bass drum would work very well in this situation. WHat are your thoughts on this?

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    I recently picked up a couple DW flush-base stands - to replace some double-braced Pearl stands for exactly the same reason (weight). These things are great, incredibly light, sturdy, tremendous adjustability... and they look cool in a 'retro' kinda way.

    I gig in a couple blues bands in around central pa and I just got to the point where I needed to lighten the load a little -- these are really great, check 'em out (DW 6000 series I believe)



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      I too was disappointed when I went to get a 800 series snare stand single braced for the same reasons. Went with the 700 series model, doublebraced but light. As far as sturdy light cymbal stands go, I picked up a couple of the TAMA swingstar ones for my cut down kit. Very cheap if you look around, $35 each.

      As far as using a BT3 for the bass mount, I think it would hold one tom satifactory but you'd have to install it yourself on a BB3-less bass. A large homemade backing plate would be appropriate, similar to the BB3's.

      But I'd hate to add onto a clean bass. Using the BB3 as a tom and cymbal holder, as many do and you mentioned in another post, IS simplicity and as lightweight as you can get. IF you have worries about using that for a larger ride cymbal, use it for a splash or a percussion toy. (and this from a guy who pulled his and wants a nice factory cover for the holes ;>)

      While it's NOT a classic jazz kit look, a cut down single sided rack can be simple AND lightweight. Just big enough to get over the bass, placing a crash out of each short vertical and the one tom and ride cymbal would fit well on it. Setting the front tom up high on the TH-xx arm helps with the look. I did that once for a wedding gig. I did hang one side tom from a short side bar I added as a "wing". I pulled the cymbal booms and set the rack upright in my SUV. (Gibraltar, it's like an adult tinkertoy set ;>) And this was before I pulled the BB3. I just didn't like to hang my floor tom off a stand and I had all these rack parts layin' around!

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