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Snare-stand height

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  • Snare-stand height

    Does anyone know how the height ranges for snare stands as given by Pearl are measured? I ask as I have an old Pearl stand which, for me, is set at its lowest possible height, legs splayed as far as possible. I'm looking at replacing it and I'd like to be sure that I'm not at the bottom end (or worse) of the adjustment for the new stand. (I've tried using the contact page on Pearl's website but, as yet, have had no reply.)

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    The Pearl S930D at its lowest possible point puts your bottom rim 14” from the floor… an 8” snare’s top rim will be roughly 22.5” from the floor; tilting slightly gets you a bit lower

    I have 2 of them, and play mostly 8” snares


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      The S1030D goes even a little bit lower by 50mm (a little less than 2 inches) relative to the S930D. Probably either of these will work for most applications, but make sure to get one with the "D" part number with the offset basket rather than the standard S930 or S1030. You probably already knew that part, but it can be a little confusing and I wanted to make sure it was clear.
      I have lots of drums...


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        Ok. Thanks. Makes sense. So, roughly to the bottom of the basket with the legs as pictured on the website. I had a reply from the helpful guys at Pearl. Officially: 'The height of a snare stand, as given in the specs, is measured from the ground.'