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Replacement Double-Pedal Shaft Guidance?

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  • Replacement Double-Pedal Shaft Guidance?

    Hello All. time for some pedal maintenance, and I'm seeking gear-head experience/input/opinions.

    I've got a Yamaha DFP-870 double that I really love. New skater bearings, Gibraltar straps to replace the double-chains (quieter, less mass), old-school felt beaters, just-right mid-length pedal boards. The original shaft setup was a bit wonky, but it worked well to-date.

    Well, wear has gotten to the shaft assembly, and there's a measurable 3-ish degree slop in the joints when pivoted, which makes the left side feel rather sloppy and sluggish. So, time to replace the shaft with something aftermarket.

    The two options I have available are the Ahead shaft and the Trick shaft. Both look like significant upgrades in regards to tolerances and same-or-reduced mass. Both have solid reviews from those who have purchased them, but that is commonly the case when people spend their own money...many don't wish to admit they made a questionable purchase.

    That leaves me with two questions:

    First, has anyone ever done a head-to-head between the Ahead and the Trick shafts from a playability and durability perspective?

    Second, if the Trick shaft is better than the Ahead shaft, is it 50% better to match the price differential? Ahead is just under $90, and the Trick is in the mid-$100's.

    Thanks for any input owners of either...or preferably both...can provide.
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    Haven’t seen the Ahead one, but I have been using the Trick universal driveshaft for 5 years already and I can confirm that it’s worth every penny and I can’t recommend it enough.
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      I concur. I have not used the Ahead driveshaft, either.
      But I starting using the Trick shaft several years ago and have no complaints.


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        I’ll tell you this much, I’m not a double pedal player, but I’ve heard a ton of good things about the Trick drive shaft.

        Also, I consider my self a drum nerd and very much keep up on current trends and news in the drumming world. Having said that, I didn’t even know Ahead made a drive shaft…

        As a gear-head, I’d most likely go with ACD if I were to get a double pedal and then make upgrades. I love what this guy does. Link below.



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          Thank you all for the honest input. I pulled the trigger on a Trick yesterday.