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FYI: DW MFG MDD Slave Pedal Modification

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  • FYI: DW MFG MDD Slave Pedal Modification

    I’m just posting this here as an FYI to help others with the same problem…

    I recently switched out my Trick Pro 1-V direct drive double pedal with a DW MFG direct drive double pedal. Considering all of the good reviews that the Trick pedal has, I was surprised to discover that I actually prefer the DW pedal. I can play cleaner and faster on the DW pedal. I’m happy with my decision to switch over, but there was one glaring issue with the DW pedal.

    When playing quick spurts of double pedal, the slave side pedal would rock back and forth. The heel plate would actually lift off of the ground a tiny bit! I thought I could easily fix the problem by applying Velcro to the whole bottom of the slave pedal. This definitely helped and stopped the slave pedal from moving sideways, but the heel plate was still lifting off of the carpet. The 9000 series slave pedals have a hoop clamp installed so that a spiked stabilizer, such as the Pearl PS85, can be easily added. However, the MFG slave pedals don’t include this feature for some reason ($?). I thought I was out of luck, but as I was searching the internet I had the realization that I could make my own stabilizer attachment of sorts.

    I found two DWSP2171 legs from a DWCP9909 bass drum lifter/cradle for sale online that I thought would work perfectly. So I purchased the two DWSP2171 short cradle legs, a pair of 8mm-1.25 tap & drill bits, four 1.25” rubber washers, and two 8mm-1.25 x 20mm allen drive cap screws. I then took apart my MFG slave pedal, measured everything out, clamped down the part to a table, marked the hole locations with a punch, then drilled & tapped both screw holes in the aluminium. I just used a regular old cordless drill for this and it worked perfectly. I then cleaned everything up, put the slave pedal back together, and installed the two new legs.

    The two legs work perfectly! I can easily adjust the legs side to side and I can easily adjust the height using the spikes on both ends. I am super happy with this modification and figure I would share. Maybe it can help somebody else. This modification has completely stopped the heel plate from lifting up. Plus I think it looks cool too . Here are some pics…

    DW-Paiste-Evans-Vic Firth

    WTB: DW Romanian River Oak or DW R40 Oak Snare... PM me

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    This is fantastic. Even though I don't have a direct drive pedal, I love your ingenuity. Also, Love that you showed your tools, extra parts, and source reference material. Adding to your reputation.