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Will the Hardware Support the Weight?

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  • Will the Hardware Support the Weight?

    Hello Pearl and Fellow Drum Peeps
    I just bought my dream kit, you will find it under Reference, Massive Dream Kit Ordered.

    I bought my kit going on the good reputation of Pearl's great hardware. I can never find any photos or testaments of any power toms that are mounted with Opti-Mounts (bad Pearl!) . My biggest rack toms are 15x13, and 16x14. Will the Opti-Mount, TH1030s, and ADP-20 be strong enough to hold the tom weight and endure all the abuse I'm about to unleash on it?

    Thanks to all

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    Hey Kyle,

    I have suspended floor toms including a 16" on my SMX kit and a 15" rack tom on my MX kit.
    While the 15" is secure and stable with a single tom arm and optimount, I use two tom arms and optimounts on the 16" now as I stripped out a tom arm when it was the only means of support.

    My other concern with your plan is whether an ADP20 will give you enough spread to get those two toms next to each other.


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      With Reference power toms, I'd personally consider going with the 70-series Pearl tom arms with teeth since those are bound to be some very heavy drums. You won't have the full angle range for setting the toms but those tom holders do seem to be a bit more rigid because of the teeth. With that said, the Optimounts are solid, but I've never tried them on drums that heavy, but I don't expect them to give you any issues. For the clamps, it might be worth using two for the very big toms, so that your tom arms don't flex from the weight. I did something similar when mounting my ride cymbal.

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        Thank you for the tip. I think a little trial and error will have to occur to get it positioned and supported correctly. I dread breaking a TH1030...they are like $100.00 a piece! lol.


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          How do you anticipate that? Are you beating your toms with Louiseville sluggers?


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            Yes. I am a heavy hitter.


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              Simple answer, yes. The hardware can support it. However, you will get bounce when you play, just something to be aware of. If these drums are to be suspended in a more traditional floor tom position, I'd be looking at Gauger's Dynamount system as it will be sturdier.
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                I have used Pearl tom arms to hold my 16x13 Reference tom without any issues. I think they will probably work for you.
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                  thank you